Services Offered

Traditional Mediation

I offer traditional mediation where two parties meet with the mediator, together or separately, to identify what needs to be resolved and then facilitate agreement and resolution. The initial intake appointment is for 30 minutes and is free of charge. After that sessions are usually 1 to 1.5 hours long. Depending on the situation more than one session is often needed to complete the process. In family law cases mediation can address child custody, parenting time, child support, property and debt division and spousal support.

When full agreement is reached the mediator will draft a mediation agreement which the parties will then sign. If a judgment is necessary (and it most likely will be) the parties can draft their own judgment (not recommended) or can hire an attorney to do so.

Domestic Violence:

If you believe you have been the victim of domestic violence and fear for your safety in a joint mediation session you can request separate mediation sessions. Separate sessions can be more difficult but will be provided if needed.

Mediation Coaching

For parties participating in mediation with another mediator, coaching helps the party get ready for mediation and be prepared.

Settlement Conference

These conferences are a form of mediation that includes the parties’ attorneys. Normally each party will be in a separate room with their attorney and the mediator will move back and forth between them to facilitate agreement.

Reference Judge

I am appointed a Reference Judge for Linn County pursuant to ORS 3.300. Upon application to the presiding judge of Linn County I can be appointed to serve as a reference judge in a particular case. In that capacity I can hear a case at a trial much as a circuit judge would do on the regular docket. The reference judge is compensated by the parties pursuant to ORS 3.321. The advantage of using a reference judge is that a trial can usually be held much more quickly than the court could normally schedule it. Decisions made by a reference judge may be appealed in the same manner as a decision by a sitting circuit judge.

Document Preparation, Legal Advice and Therapy

I am a member of the Oregon State Bar. I conduct a limited practice of family law representing people in divorce, child custody disputes, and related matters. I practice of counsel to Ivers and Miller. I cannot represent anyone as an attorney if I am providing mediation or arbitration services to that person.

I am not a therapist and do not provide any kind of therapy.

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